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04/12/2010 12:39
Salaamu alaikom, Brothers

18/08/2010 04:27
Salam brothers

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Articles: Islamic Articles

The Prophets and Books
Muslims believe in all the true prophets of God. There are two lines of descent from Abraham, one is through Ishmael and the other through Isaac and Jacob. We believe in Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Elijah, Elisha, Enoch, Ezra and others. And we believe in Jesus as a prophet of God. The Prophet Muhammad is a descendant of Abraham, Hagar and Ishmael, about 600 years after Jesus. Some of the prophets were given scriptures by revelations, and they were charged with conveying the message from God to people.

Bro. Jed Smock's visit Sep. 2004
Bro. Jed Smock told the Gazette reporter that he was going to speak at Colorado College on Friday, September 10, 2004 (see Gazette article by Paul Asay on Monday, Sep 6). In fact, he ranted from the public sidewalk and was not invited nor allowed onto CC property. This tells you a lot about the integrity and credibility of a person who misrepresents even in little things.

Comparing war, violence and coercion: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Judaism and Christianity have both a Biblical basis and a history of violence and coercion. In Judaism, the Israelites were commanded to kill the Canaanites, in what would today be termed "genocidal" or "ethnic cleansing". An example is the destruction of Jericho, where even little children were killed by the Israelites, Joshua 6 (KJV):

Graduation Quiz
Graduation Quiz Try this simple, multiple choice quiz: 1. Who is the God of Muslims? A. The “Moon God” B. The God of Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob & Moses ................

History of the spread of Islam
Prophet Muhammad was succeeded by four leaders called Caliphs, regarded as rightly guided: Abu Bakr, Umar, Usman and Ali. During their period of leadership, there were rebellions by some of the Arabian tribes, which they suppressed. The superpowers of the day, Persia and the Byzantine - Eastern Roman Empire, challenged the emerging Muslim state. The Muslims defeated the huge armies of Persia and the Byzantine - Eastern Roman Empire. They went on to conquer Egypt, North Africa, Spain, and areas of Southern Russia, like Uzbekistan.

Islam and Muslims
The proper pronunciation is with a soft "s", like Isslaam, not Izlam, and Musslim, not Muzlim or Mozlem. The general meaning of the word "islam" means submission, and implies submission to God. The specific meaning, Islam, means submission to God, and includes following the way of the Prophet Muhammad.

Islam: True or False?
Some American leaders are against Islam. These include prominent q Christian leaders & preachers, q talk show hosts on radio and TV, and many qAmerican politicians. q They say, among other things, that: Islam is a false, wicked, evil, violent religion Muhammad is a false, self-proclaimed prophet The Quran is plagiarized and concocted from the Bible The Muslims worship an idol, the "Moon God" of ancient Arabia...

Jihad to convert people to Islam by force?
One of the accusations against Islam is that Muslims use jihad of war to convert non-Muslims to Islam by force. A conversion to Islam is valid only if the person sincerely accepts Islam freely, without duress. This is the principle in the Quran: "Let there be no compulsion in religion". This principle is reflected in history, where Muslims conquered and ruled Spain, other parts of Europe, and India for centuries. In Spain, the Jews and Christians were not forced to convert to Islam. After the Muslims left, the Jews were forcibly converted to Christianity, or persecuted and killed if they refused. In India, the Hindus were not forcibly converted to Islam, and the majority remained Hindu.

Knowledge and Civilization
The first University in the world in the modern sense was not Cambridge or Oxford, but the Jamia Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt. The Professor sat in a chair, students from all over the Muslim world sat on the floor around him. Perhaps that is where the term “Chair in Economics” comes from, for the one who held the chair held the position, otherwise the chair is just a piece of furniture. Even the monk who went on to become Pope Sylvester II at the turn of the first millenium (1000 CE, Y1K) was educated in Muslim institutions in Arabic, since the Muslim countries were the centers of higher education and learning.

The name Muhammad has the approximate meaning “The Praised One” or "The Praiseworthy". Another name used for him is "Ahmad", which has approximately the same meaning. May peace and the blessings of God be upon Muhammad.

References from Quran
Chapter #2 Verses #190-194 Summary: Fight those who fought you and drove you out of your homes and persecuted and oppressed you, until justice and faith prevail, or they cease fighting and persecuting.

Reflections on 9/11
Bismillah hirRahman nirRahim. With the name of God, Most-Gracious, Most-Merciful. Salam. Peace. We are gathered here to remember, to mourn, to reflect. We are here to share the sorrow.And we are here to share in the hopes for the future. Grace of God turns what people intended for evil into a greater good We hope because we know of God’s Grace, and we know that with God anything is possible, and we expect good from God.

Rules of jihad, war and fighting
Definition of jihad and basic rules: Jihad means to strive, specifically to strive for the sake of God, to make an effort that He will be pleased with. It can include spiritual self-improvement, spending for the sake of God, or preaching the message of Islam, or fighting a just war.

Sanctity of human life
All human life is sacred. At the killing of Abel by Cain, God decreed that killing a human being is like killing all mankind and saving a human being is like saving all mankind. Only in cases of war is it permitted to kill a person who is of the military of the enemy, but not of a civilian. Life may be taken in the course of justice as punishment for murder, treason, and rebellion.

Similarities between Islam, Judaism and Christianity
There are many similarities between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. There is general agreement that God is the Creator, and is the God of Abraham. The concept of God is exactly the same in Judaism and Islam, as in the First Commandment The names of God in the Semitic languages are similar.
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