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04/12/2010 12:39
Salaamu alaikom, Brothers

18/08/2010 04:27
Salam brothers

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Directions Visitors

Information for non-Muslim visitors to ISCS's Masjid Al-Farooq

Directions and information for visitors to ISCS's Masjid Al-Farooq v2.0


Contact information

Phone & Email & Web

(719) 632-3364       email =(remove no-spam- from address):

  Web =

Mailing address

PO Box 50375, Colorado Springs, CO 80949

Street address

2125 N Chestnut, Colorado Springs, CO 80907        (Please do not use for mail)

Driving Directions

From  I-25, take exit 144 Fontanero, go west 1 block, turn right/north onto Chestnut. Masjid is at south-east corner of Chestnut & Madison.  Large sign "ISCS" by the road. 


Please park in the ISCS car park or on adjacent roads.  Please do not park in front of neighbors' driveways or gates.


The Friday (Juma) service


In order to understand the purpose and process of the service, it is recommended, though not necessary, that visitors acquire some basic knowledge about Islamic beliefs and practices before attending the service.


The service starts at about 12:40 p.m. and finishes by about 1:20 p.m.  Visitors should arrive at least ten minutes before the service to be seated.  Groups will be seated in the Visitors' area.

Before the service

People will be performing short formal individual worship and then sitting down to read the Quran.


The service consists of a call to prayer (azaan), followed by two short sermons (khutba) , in Arabic and English, followed by a short formal worship (salat) in congregation.

After the service

Some people will be performing short formal individual worship while other will be standing around talking.

Separation of men and women

Men and women worship separately.  Women worship behind men or in a separate area.

Etiquette for the  service

Once the service begins, please refrain from talking or walking around.  Please do not walk in front of people performing worship before or after the service.

Seating for visitors

Groups of visitors will be seated in the visitors' area on chairs. Individual male visitors may, by special arrangement, sit in the men's worship area, to one side or behind the male worshippers.  Female visitors may be seated either in the visitors' area, or in the women's area, on one side or behind the female worshippers.

During the sermon

Please do not whisper, talk or move around unnecessarily during the sermon.

During the prayer worship

Please do not whisper, talk or move around unnecessarily during the prayer worship. Visitors are not required to participate in the prayer worship service.  Please remain seated during the worship.  If you are in the worship area and for some reason, you feel compelled to participate in the worship, you may do so, but let the people standing next to you know that you are not a Muslim, and that you want to experience the worship.


If seated in the visitor's area, you do not need to remove your shoes.  If entering the carpeted prayer area, please remove your shoes and place them in the shoe rack. 

Dress for men

Men should be covered at least from navel to knee.   Shorts, if worn, must reach the knee.

Dress and perfume for women

Women should be dressed modestly, with loose, long sleeve blouses and loose fitting trousers or full length skirts, and with a scarf covering the hair, if possible.  Please do not wear shorts, mini-skirts or sleeveless blouses.  Women should not be perfumed.


If you have questions regarding Islam or the service, please contact the ISCS's coordinator for your visit before or after the service.




means submission to God.  It is also the name of the religion.


is a person who submits to God, one who follows the religion of Islam.


The Arabic name for The One True God, like Elaha in Hebrew or Alaha in Aramaic.


The fulfillment of God's blessing in the Book of Genesis to Abraham, Hagar and Ishmael, the prophet sent for all mankind from the Arab descendants of Ishmael.

Quran (or Koran)

The revelation from God to Prophet Muhammad, like the Torah revealed to Moses or the Gospel revealed to Jesus.  Recited in worship and sermons.


A mosque or masjid is a place dedicated to the worship of God.


The weekly Friday congregational service for Muslims.


The formal worship for Muslims performed at prescribed times five times a day, preferably in congregation.




The Muslim call to prayer before Juma and the five daily Salat.



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